Clothestrophobia began in 1978, when I became a wardrobe consultant at NYC Bloomingdales’ shopping department known as “At Your Service.”  By appointment only, clothing stylists, made selections for VIP figures, including Jackie O, who were unable to navigate shopping within the store, without gawkers.

I brought this concept to Hollywood. My clientele began with Rock Stars, whom I costumed for album covers and music video appearances on MTV. As Clothestrophobia grew, so did the suitcases for out-of-town visitors and entertainers travelling "on the road."

In 1981, I was told by a band member of The Rolling Stones, the impact my father-in-law, had on his career. Curiosity abound, I amassed a collection of this legendary disc jockey; Alan Freed. My styling skills filtered through, as I became an archivist and webmaster. In present day, the anthology I acquired, can be viewed online, or seen at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Raising 4 daughters was my greatest endeavor. Each day, began with a typed list of who, what, when and where, down to separate lunch box requests. Daily life included; marketing, laundry, cooking, bathing, sleep-overs, birthday parties, packing, traveling and holidays. My time-line as a parent, proceeded the luxury of Amazon, eBay and shopping on the internet. The only thing delivered to our home were cloth diapers, bottled water and milk.

By 2001, I was consistently asked by friends, or friends of friends, if I was available to organize their homes and offices. A new phase began as a home editor.  I restructured day-to-day life through reinventing their space. During this time, I designed and built a 5800-square ft. house in Santa Monica. Real estate agents, became familiar with Clothestrophobia. These brokers referred me to sellers, in need of packing, donating and tossing personal belongings before listing their properties. My expertise grew and flew me to Chicago, Minnesota and New York City.

Recently, organization jockeyed toward the internet.  The baby boomers require assistance with social media, websites, or digital footprint. Passwords, hard drives and online monthly payments, create another layer, I provide.

Managing the clutter, confusion and chaos, of life’s transitions requires teamwork. I surround myself with carpenters, painters, tech support and moving men.  A shopping spree includes Home Depot, Amazon and Container Store.

Let me be "At Your Service."

Judith Fisher Freed

Judith Fisher Freed
Judith Fisher Freed